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I believe in Westerville Schools because my husband and I both attended them, and all three of our kids attend them today. As a member of the Board of Education, I will work with our community to make sure that our schools are:

  • Efficient

  • Effective

  • Responsive to diverse community needs

  • Safe, joyful places that foster student well-being, success and a life-long love of learning!

Strong schools.

Bright future.

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I'm a Westerville native. Growing up here, I attended Robert Frost, Mark Twain, Hanby, Walnut Springs, even took a class at Westerville South, and graduated from Westerville North. When I was young, my mother was involved in the PTAs at our schools and in starting Westerville Parent Council, so I learned early on that schools are the fabric of the community and take commitment from us all.  But I also know that our schools and students have different needs today than when I attended them. I've learned this on the ground: my engagement in education spans all levels, from helping our schools' youngest students learn to read to teaching university undergraduates. Working alongside other community members, I have helped our district develop effective solutions to programming issues, contributed as an invited participant in the district's strategic planning process, and co-chaired a levy campaign. To help enhance learning for all students in our district, I co-founded and help lead the non-profit Westerville Partners for Education. I have proposed safety policy to the administration and over the past decade have frequently attended Board of Education meetings to both listen and speak. My deep experience with our schools helps me understand how the Board of Education shapes our schools, what our district excels at and where opportunities for improvement exist. Our students and schools are my passion; my commitment to them over the past ten years is clear!

My husband, Chris, and I have three kids in our schools--one in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary school--so decisions I make as a board member regarding any level in our schools will affect my family as well as yours. We're in this together. Strong schools=bright futures for Westerville students!

Your voice matters! Please share your thoughts about our schools and priorities you'd like to see the Board of Education raise with the administration. Thanks for your input!


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